Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM - 7:00PM

Ornament Workshop

Moments matter! Commemorate your favorite memories and special occasions with Ornament Workshop’s handwritten, personalized ornaments. Ornament Workshop’s ornaments can be custom made for any milestone such as a baby’s first Christmas, an engagement, wedding, graduation, and so much more. Let someone know you care this Christmas Season.


This seasons Ornament Workshop is located near The Westin.


At LensCrafters, their eye doctors and store managers are on hand to provide you with expert advice for all your eye health and vision needs. Discover more about the latest eye exam technology and how they personalize your lenses, as well as the latest eyewear trends, designer collections and their complete range of in-store services.

Magnolia Soap and Bath

Magnolia Soap offers a wide variety of home and bath products, including laundry soap and pet-friendly soaps and sprays. All of its products are domestically sourced with naturally grown butters and oils, ingredients that have felt and seen the sun. The company believes customers should not have to sacrifice health for beauty or worry about what they are putting on their skin. Plant-based ingredients in every recipe!

Sunglass Hut

Born in 1971, Sunglass Hut started as a small family business running a kiosk in a Miami mall. After 50 + years, the sun still inspires everything they do. After 50 years and over 3,000 stores worldwide, they’re celebrating where they’ve been and where they’re going – bringing that same family feel and welcoming spirit as the very first kiosk to their stores today.

Southern Living Store

The Southern Living Store is for Southerners by Southerners, reflecting an environment where the customer always looks forward to coming back. They host entertaining food-tasting events and offer friendly, insightful service that encourages the customer to evolve and personalize traditions in the modern South. It’s an engaging blend of inspiration, humor and practicality.

Barnes & Noble

With an excellent depth of book selection, competitive discounting of bestsellers, and comfortable settings, Barnes & Noble is an excellent place to browse for your next book.